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Our team is growing!

Through the miles we have traveled on furlough we have encountered some discouraged brothers and sisters who battle the same isolation and loneliness with which we deeply empathize. They find themselves feeling unseen and alone, maybe due to unhealed hurt from conflict with other believers, or because they too are striving to establish Bible centered gospel witnesses in the midst of communities that do not have one, or a host of other reasons. Whatever the reason, it has become increasingly clear to us just how valuable the open, deep, biblically centered friendships and partnerships are to forward gospel momentum in any relationship, especially in a missionary or ministry team. We hope that it has always been indubitably clear how precious our coworkers and dear friends the Burdetts are to us. Now, as has been our prayer, God has expanded the local ministry team in Logroño with the addition of Tim and Pam Darling. They have 44 years of missionary experience and we are so excited to gain wisdom and glean from the experiences God has given them as we work alongside each other in Logroño. If interested you can request to be added to their prayer letters by emailing them at


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