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Our Furlough Objective & Itinerary

Here is a short itinerary of our 5 month furlough from Apr. 9 thru Sept. 2:

April 7-8 Depart for USA

April 9-16 Virginia

April 16-25 West Virginia

April 26 - May 26 Winston Salem, NC

May 27- June 6 Atlanta, GA

June 7-11 Winston Salem, NC

June 12 - June 25 Winston Salem, NC

June 26 - July 14 Missouri

July 15 - Aug. 1 McKinney & Katy, TX

Aug. 2 - 29 Colorado and Wyoming

Sept. 2 Depart back to Spain

Our Sunday and Wednesdays are booked with visiting our supporting churches that we were unable to visit in our last 2018 furlough. Since we can only leave Spain for no longer than 6 months at a time we plan to visit half of our supporting churches on each furlough every 2 years. If we visited your church in 2018 we currently don't have plans to visit you on this furlough. We would be glad to try and coordinate a meeting outside a typical Sunday or Wednesday church meeting. (


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