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Amazing Facts about Spain:

  • Per capita, Spain is has the highest consumption of cocaine & marijuana in the world

  • Spain is the single country of the world with the most AVE kilometers of rail-lines--220 kms./hr. (High-Speed Train lines)

  • Seven of every ten young people 20-30 yrs. still live at home with their parents.

  • The greatest amount of solar energy derived from solar installations in the world comes from Spain.

  • Spain is the largest producer and exporter of table olives in the world; the greatest producer of piñon nuts; the greatest exporter of citric fruits; the second greatest producer of artichokes; and the highest producer in Europe of all kinds of fruit.

  • Currently Spain has the highest unemployment in Europe, 26%.

  • 30% of all the grape vineyards in the European Union are in Spain, representing 13.8% of all the land dedicated to wine culture in the world.

  • Spain is the second greatest exporter of wine in the world, behind Italy; is the 1st highest producer of honey and is the 1st highest producer in Europe of fish from hatcheries.

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