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Tengo la necesidad de velocidad!

While Hannah was at school, Jonathan tirelessly studied European driving regulations to get his Spanish driver’s license. After passing the written exam he took ten, 45 minute driving lessons with an instructor named Oscar who eventually asked about our work. He had never heard of a Baptist and had many questions about what we believe versus Catholicism. Instead of trying to answer all his questions while practicing driving Jonathan would schedule 2 lessons back to back so they could talk over coffee between lessons. It was an amazing opportunity to share the gospel! Jonathan passed his practical driving exam June 3rd! In simple text this doesn’t read very excitingly, but this is a HUGE blessing from God! Just try and imagine going everywhere you need to go by bus or walking for 9 months with two young children. It has been quite the adventure at times to say the least but it also taught us to think about bus schedules when planning church meetings!

The "L" signs we are holding are required by law for the first year of getting your driver's license. Oh, it makes me feel so young after driving in the states for 18 years already.

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