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Victory for Religious Freedom in Salamanca!

The City rectified, held just before the trial, for a fine imposed on Jose Macias, evangelical city that was sanctioned by distributing treated. Article Link

Pastor Kent & Jose

"I breathe calmer". Kent Albright, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Tormes Salamanca, shows his relief and joy at what he considered a triumph of justice and religious freedom protected by the Constitution in Spain.

The story begins last March 6, 2013, when Jose Macias, deacon of the church, divided treated to pedestrians in the city of Salamanca. It was something I did a while and never encountered any problems.

Until that day, a police police decided to punish by a fine. According to the agent, Jose Macias was handing out "advertising" without permission or license to do so. "The material was distributed a leaflet called 'The four keys of life', which is printed the address of our church," says Kent Albright.

José That day was accompanied by another fellow Evangelical Church Assembly of Brothers. It was a natural activity that also understood that it was protected by the Constitution.

The fine, however, was confirmed six months later by the City, the church sent the complaint and demanded a payment of a fine could be up to 3,000 euros . In this case, it was stated that the penalty was for "occupation of public roads without authorization".


From the church surprised this fine did not make much sense, but had no choice but to hire a lawyer and take the case to court. "We present arguments to the City three times, and then we responded twice rejecting our reasons. We call the Constitution, it did not sell anything and that wielded the City ordinance related to a commercial activity and therefore we should not apply ", tells Kent Albright. Moreover, it is a rule that skips "very often" by restaurants, bars, clubs and local businesses. "They could punish many, but fell on Jose Macias. It was pretty frustrating, "says the pastor.