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Our Very Special Company!

Hannah’s parents have been with us here in Salamanca since the beginning of November. Their presence has been invaluable with the arrival of baby Ian. Addaline loves her Nana and Grandpa and they have taken care of her a lot over the past weeks. Admittedly it was hard at first to ask them for help, even though that was the primary reason for their visit. Why is it so hard? Because of our pride, when we ask for help, we fear being perceived as weak, and no one wants to be seen that way. But in reality, oh how weak and frail we are. It is often harder to ask for help when we haven’t been seeking the throne of God for help first. Let’s make sure that we are humbly submitted before Him and I bet we will have more humility around others. We need Him, and we need the support of others.

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