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  • 100% Committed Support by June

  • 10 Churches with whom we have shared our ministry and are considering partnering with us

  • Our Visa application process as we seek to drive to Miami in the 1st week of June

  • Grace & Comfort for Hannah as we have a full road ahead during her entire pregnancy

  • Once 100% Support is raised our family can return with our home church & family to rest & prepare for our departure; this will be a big help to Hannah, Addaline, & Baby Romaine!


Recent Newsletters
Support Level
  • A New Team Member added!

  • $1500 raised in 2 days for 2 Unlocked iphones!

  • 86% Reached before April

  • We exceeded our goal which was 85% by June!

  • 32% Support increase in the last 3 months!

  • 2 new churches, 3 new families committed for monthly support

  • Connecting us with a Certified Spanish Translator

Our Goal:



Support​ by

June 2014





We are providing an analysis of our current supporters.  In order to protect the privacy of families we only provide the City & State of the supporters.      See More...

A Special Report from Addy!
Will God raise 100% in 18 months?!


We have more exciting news to share in regards to our support! In our last newsletter we asked you to pray we would reach 85% by the first of June. We give God all the glory to be able to tell you we are currently at 86.75% support as of April 1st! We have initiated our visa application process. Our goal is to be in Spain in September so we can have time to set up a home and so Jonathan can start language school at the university in October before the baby comes in November. These are HUGE prayer requests! Pray that the rest of our support will be committed, we only need $805 more a month. 1% of our support is just over $60/month.


If you have been praying about becoming a financial partner the time is now! We are asking God to show his power through the churches and people who know our call by brining in 100% of our support by June. This is when we would reach 18 months of full time deputation! The other prayer request is for our visa applications, this is truly in the hands of the Almighty once we submit our applications in the beginning of June, we will be fervently praying for expedited processing by the Spanish Consulate in Miami! 



That's right! We are expecting baby #2 in November! Hannah is about 9 weeks along and feeling the full effects of her new pregnancy. Please keep her in your prayers as traveling has been difficult for her with pretty severe nausea. We are so excited for this new addition to our family!

If you would like to download this video to view offline please Click Here

10% Support Remaining


In Need of $555 Committed

Monthly Support


$60/month =1% of Support

Romaine Ministry Presentation

The Purpose of His Plan!


We met a Canadian Mennonite man in the lounge of our hotel in Chicago this week. He was very kind, and of course asked the question that opened a can bigger than we presume he was expecting, "What do you do?" What a fun question for a missionary to answer because it is the perfect introduction to the gospel! After telling him what God has called our family to do, he looked at us in utter disbelief and said, "I respect you and the courage you must have to take your family to a foreign nation and live there indefinitely." We told him we could not do it without the grace, power and hope we have from our sovereign God. When we found out Hannah is pregnant, we couldn't believe it, and the question entered our minds, "Why now God?" We know that every detail of our lives is directed by the sovereignty of God, EVERY detail. He is also the creator of life, this new life growing by leaps in bounds inside of Hannah giving her substantial discomfort. Without this underlying and foundational scriptural principle, the clarity in which we view the world would become easily clouded and ultimately overwhelming. God has a plan for every moment of your day too, let's rest in Him moment by moment together!

That I may know Him and the Power of His Resurrection... Philippians 3:10 

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