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Our  Testimony

      When people talk about God perfectly preparing and uniquely creating them for their spouse, they are talking about couples like us. Hannah and I were both raised in Christian homes where we heard and accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ at young ages. The similarities of our upbringing do not stop there though. The military has been a big part of both of our lives. I have a long family history of military service dating back to the Civil War, and Hannah is the daughter of a Navy pilot. Of course we are different, but some interests we share include love of the outdoors, exercising, playing games, and meeting people. However, it was a God given passion for serving the Lord and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ that ultimately drew us together, creating a very deep bond.

      When Hannah was a junior in high school, the Lord used an opportunity Hannah had to witness to a Catholic boy she was babysitting to show her she needed to be actively pursuing His purposes for her life.  Hannah grew in her walk with the Lord during this time and even more while she was away at college pursuing her Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science and Bible Minor at Cedarville University. While at Cedarville she was very involved in AWANA, campus discipleship ministries, and took several short term missions trips including ones to Bangladesh and Kosovo.

      After high school, I served 6 years in the Air Force. The Lord gave me many opportunities for success in the military. I was a part of the security for the Presidential flying fleet and served at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During my travels around the world and while at home at my local church, I began growing in my Christian walk through the study of his word and being involved at church. As I grew, the Lord began to open my eyes to missions and the great need for sound national churches to be planted abroad.  In a step of obedience, I surrendered my life to full time missions, left the Air Force, and pursued Biblical instruction at Piedmont Baptist College. Hannah and I were married in June 2007, the summer before my junior year at Piedmont after Hannah graduated from Cedarville. Since then I have also obtained my Masters in Biblical Studies from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Virginia Beach.

      We are members at Salem Baptist Church in Winston Salem. As a couple, we have been very involved in the ministries there and have grown spiritually as individuals under the sound teaching of godly men and in several leadership roles. I have been given several opportunities by Salem to experience and develop my leadership skills including teaching Sunday school and Sunday night small groups. In 2007 our pastor asked us to prayerfully consider leading the AWANA program at our church. We did and served as AWANA Commander and Secretary for 4 years during which we both really gained valuable experience in leadership and organization. We are still involved in AWANA as leaders. We are also involved in missions through our church.  I took a construction mission trip with the church to Silva, Missouri, in 2010 and as a couple we went to Papua New Guinea for a short term trip in 2007. Hannah is on the missions committee and leading the Womens Missionary Fellowship. We are thankful to be a part of a missions minded local church.

      In 2011 we partnered with Baptist Mid-Missions and have been sent by Salem Baptist Church in order to plant churches in Spain.  In December of 2011 our first daughter Addaline was born. After raising support we were commissioned by our church and we arrived to Salamanca, Spain in 2014 with the priority to learn Castellano Spanish and the culture.  Our family grew to 5 as Ian and Mina were both born in Salamanca.

     In 2017 the Burdetts and our family moved to Logroño, Spain to begin a new church where we continue to serve today. 

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