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The Romaines expressed a Need and our Prayers were Answered!

Current Status

$1,500 towards the purchase of two:  

iphone 5S (32gb)

We sent out a request on March 4th in our prayer letter the need. We were in need of two iPhone 5s (32 GB) model phones to take to with us to Spain. We needed to purchase these phones independent of a phone company “unlocked” so we can swap out the SIM card with a Euro SIM card in Spain. Having these phones will enable us to communicate with members of BMMs Team Spain and Spaniards for free using “iMessage” and a Spanish APP called “What’sUp!”


We received the support amount we were requesting as of 11:30am March 6th.  It is amazing how God has richly blessed us with the relationships established with our churches and family supporters and how excited they are to give.  Blessed beyond all measure!

March 4  - Announced the Need

March 4  - $150 given from Leonard & Norma Saunders

March 5  - $750 given by a Sunday School Class                                            at Summit Baptist Church 

March 6  - $600 given from Lavon Drive Baptist Church


In just 2 days the Lord provided us with the funds!

Please rejoice with us as can only give God all the glory!

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