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We Need Your Help!

1. Write and Mail a Check to:

  • "Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation" and on the Memo Line designate our name as shown below:

      "Romaine #704999: Outfit & Passage"


  • Please print out and complete the Donation Form, and mail it in with your gift to:

     Baptist Mid Missions Foundation

     P.O. Box 308011

     Cleveland, OH 44130-8011



2. Donate through our Mission Agency Online:

 Please Read Below Before giving through Paypal:

  • Click Here to be taken to BMM's "Give Now" page

  • Click the Paypal Logo on the "Give Now" page

  • After clicking "Continue," ALWAYS click on "Note to seller: Add

  • In the text box, designate the following:


      "Romaine #704999: Outfit & Passage"


2 Great Needs:


1. Outfit and Passage funds will help provide us necessary items needed as we begin our ministry in Spain.  Some of these items include the purchase of a car, the cost for us to attend language school, a deposit towards the lease of our apartment and funds for furnishing our apartment.  We would like to extend the opportunity to you to help us with our needs. The minimum estimate for our Outfit & Passage funds is








2. One item we have been advised to purchase before we go is the “New Missionary Library” in Spanish from Editorial Bautista Independiente (EBI).  We need to raise $550.00 to pay for this library. This would be a tremendous resource to us as we disciple new Spanish believers in their heart language and later pass this on to a national pastor when the Lord provides in the future! Would you consider giving towards this endeavor?

set at $33,000. Because of God’s grace through the love offerings and gifts given while on deputation we have about $27,500 already raised! PTL!  We need to raise $5,500 to complete this one time support need in order to settle our family in Spain. If you have been looking for a way to help us get ready to go through giving, here’s your chance!

$550 has been raised to pay for the Spanish Library. PTL!

*To learn more how you can give towards our  ministry please go to:

*** All Gifts are tax deductible ***

2 Ways to Give

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