Caleb's ministry experience

When Caleb was 15 he was asked by his pastor if he would lead a Sunday school class one morning. That same year his pastor asked him to speak on a Sunday night. Caleb realized in preparing for these opportunities that he had a great love for studying and teaching God's word. In his later teen years this love was fostered by opportunities to work in Awana clubs, council time, VBS story time, as well as serving in such capacities as Awana Games director. 

In School at Piedmont Baptist College (now PIU), Christian Service was a required activity and Caleb's first semester he helped with an ESL ministry at a local church. The fall semester found Caleb helping in an Athletes in Action ministry on the campus of Wake Forrest. It was during this time that God planted a seed in his heart for the harvest fields of university campuses. 

In the Summer of 2008 Caleb was offered an interim position as music director at Tabernacle Baptist Church in High Point, NC. It was great working  alongside the senior Pastor, Casey Bradford and seeing some of the workings of ministry. At the conclusion of this ministry Caleb was offered an apprenticeship position as assistant music director at Salem Baptist Church in Winston Salem. It was a great time of learning, and messing up, and learning, and trying again. During this time Caleb was privileged to work under godly men who mentored Caleb for the two years he was there, the last six months serving as assistant to the senior pastor. One of Caleb's favorite times was staff meetings where he witnessed godly men planning, discussing, and praying about ministry, and then going and putting it into practice. One of the best lessons learned from Dr. Wilburn was, "Whatever you do, do it with excellence for the glory of God, or don't do it at all." 

In the middle of this time, Caleb and Sarah went on a 6-week trip to Japan as part of Caleb's missions internship. Here they both were able to serve in teaching, ESL, and music ministry. Caleb also was able to preach, his first experience with a translator;) 

Since declaring for Spain, Caleb and Sarah have had more opportunities for continued growth in ministry, including teaching the Sunday morning College Bible Study hour, and working with the Jr. and Sr. High youth programs. There are burdens and struggles in ministry, but Caleb and Sarah consider themselves blessed to be able to serve in such a capacity. "It's the best job in the world."

Sarah's ministry experience


Growing up as a missionary kid, Sarah was always included in ministry. It was simply a part of life. However, as she began to mature in Christ and grow in service, she not only discovered her God given gifts and talents, but also how they could be used for service. 

At age 17 Sarah attended Piedmont Baptist College (now PIU). She didn't know how God would have her serve but knew she wanted to spend her life for Him. She also had a great love for ministry through music and has been able to minister in such a capacity all over the world through music trips and mission teams. 

In 2007 Sarah spent 4 weeks teaching English in China. She loved the expressions of the students as they understood new words and the sheer joy of learning. She also began to discover the great tool that ESL can be in beginning relationships by which to share the gospel. 

Sarah's spiritual gift is that of service and helps. Thus, when given a task, will work tirelessly to complete it, working behind the scenes. She has been able to teach Women's bible studies and done very well in such, but prefers a lower profile responsibility where God has uniquely gifted her. Working with youth, Sarah also enjoys small group times, where a more relaxed environment allows for real relationship growth and meaningful discussion. In Spain she sees herself working alongside her husband, serving in music needs, counseling women, and performing other service rolls as needed.