Dr. Howard Wilburn

March 27, 2013

Dear Friend,

I want to introduce you to a remarkable young couple who are raising support for missionary service. They are being sent out by Salem Baptist Church and will serve under the supervision of Baptist Mid-Missions. Caleb and Sarah Burdett are being commissioned to serve the Lord in a spiritually starved part of the world – Spain.  We often associate missions with third world countries and can easily miss the profound spiritual darkness of affluent cultures like Europe.

Caleb and Sarah’s fervor for the cause of world missions and their passion to serve in missions ministry are remarkable. Caleb came to Salem to join the music department staff in 2008. The two became members of Salem in April 2009. I can tell you that Caleb served with distinction. I would personally welcome him as a part of our ministry team anytime. His skills are formidable, but his character is superb. He walks with God and displays fruits of the spirit in an admirable way. And Sarah is the epitome of a godly wife. They truly are an awesome couple.

The faithfulness of this couple to their local church is indicative of strong Christian character and bodes well for their potential contribution on the mission field. They do not miss church services and participate fully. Caleb teaches the college age Sunday School class and they both participate in the Wednesday teen program. Additionally, they are active in the music program. They have both the heart and the work ethic to be successful on the field.

A brief biographical sketch of Caleb and also Sarah accompany this letter. Each comes from a strong spiritual background and godly family. I wholeheartedly commend them to you and urge you to have them in for a service at your church. 

Your friend in Christ,

Howard L. Wilburn
Senior Pastor, Salem Baptist Church